Everything is possible

Everything is possible

Don’t you have the answer? What about the question? Knowing the right questions is all we need to improve your product or production.

What do our new customers ask on the first contact? In most cases, they do not inquire about ready-made products – even though they’re listed on our website. More often they describe their own needs and the ways their products have to work.
Our job is to understand the problems and figure out the ways to solve them. How do we then succeed to meet the expectations? By gathering a group of experts from all over the world – from different factories and areas of expertise. We call the group Walki Lab – even if it doesn’t gather around test tubes and gas burners.

The frequently asked questions

We get many different types of questions. This makes our work even more interesting.
We have been asked, for example, how a milk processing plant can use metal detectors. Our proposition was to replace aluminium lids with paper-based alternatives.
We have been asked how to make children’s books more durable and hygienic. We recommended some of Walki polymere coatings that stop the growth of bacteria.
We have been asked how to make recyclable coffee pods to reduce the amount of aluminium and plastic waste. We have also developed a new, biodegradable material for coffee pods.
Read about the ’Sustainable Coffee Pleasure’ case here.

Solution to counterfeiting

We have also been asked to give a solution to counterfeiting. We believe that there are many ways to fight counterfeit goods. For example, it is possible to include sensors on products to differentiate genuine production from counterfeit goods.

Innovation is collaboration

We are always happy to tell about our own products but we know they are not the only solution. Oftentimes, the solution places special requirements on virgin materials, convertor of the packaging composition and in the end, production line. Innovation is collaboration and the questions can come from everyone in the supply chain.

What is your role in the customer value? How can we help?

Everything is possible

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