Industrial packaging


- products for taking care of your forest
Walki offers products used in forest industry like cover for the logging residue, timber wrap and barrier lining material for corrugated boxes used for seedlings.

Walki®Biomass Cover Walki®Biomass Cover is a strong, paper-based laminate for protecting logging residue from rain, snow and ice while stored in the forest. Proper covering can reduce the moisture content in the residue by up to 18 %, intended for bioenergy ensuring higher energy value. Can be delivered in up to 6 metres widths.

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Walki®Wrap Timber Walki®Timber is ideal for packaging timber products. Walki®Timber protects against external humidity and condensation as well as against dust, dirt and discolouration caused by UV radiation. It ensures good friction so the timber packagings stay firmly in place during transportation ad does not get slippery when wet. Walki®Line Aqua Barrier linier for corrugated boxes for packaging of seedlings. The material provides good moisture and water barrier. This barrier material can be made with different kind of sustainable solutions.