Say ‘tray’ for a convenient and sustainable dinner

Author: Lena Barner-Rasmussen

Say ‘tray’ for a convenient and sustainable dinner

Say easy dinner and chances are shop-bought lasagna on an ovenable tray will pop up into mind. With fibre-based packaging that easy lasagna dinner will also be a sustainable one.

More busy lifestyles and a rise in single households together with more women in the workforce is increasingly transforming the six o’clock dinner time into a more random occurrence. In other words: our meals have become less structured.

We buy food on the go and order take away. That means a whole lot of ready-made meals that come on trays. Imagine if all those trays were recyclable?

That will increasingly be the case as the EU is expected to revise the 1994 Packaging Directive to require all plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2030. The implementation of the Single Use Plastic Directive will ban materials like styrofoam containers. The deadline for EU countries to have all laws and regulations in place is July 2021.

“At Walki, we are eager to support this transition away from aluminium and plastic-based solutions towards fibre-based alternatives”, says Annika Sundell, Executive Vice President, Innovation and Business Development at Walki.

In the oven for up to 60 minutes

Walki has fibre-based solutions for ovenable trays that make it possible to heat the tray up to 60 minutes in the oven, making your ready-made lasagna feel sizzling hot, just as if it was the home made version.

There are also added features.

“Our 100 % PET-free solutions for trays are made from renewable fibre. The barrier materials are kept to a minimum to make them easily recyclable”, explains Matthias Zimmermann, Business Line Manager for Barrier Board at Walki.

The trays are suitable for a wide variety of applications including frozen or chilled ready-made meals, such as fish and baked goods.

“Our Walki Pack Tray solution can be used for folded and pressed trays. The inner part of the tray is available in brown or white”, says Zimmermann.

Walki’s recyclable solutions also come with potential savings as a lot of EU countries are considering a tax on plastic and single use items.
“We are continuously working on increasing the fibre-content in our products and with the launch of the new tray material we have taken a giant step forward towards monomaterial solutions”, says Annika Sundell.

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