Rise and shine with
sustainable granola

Author: Lena Barner-Rasmussen

Rise and shine with sustainable granola

We all know there should be more of that green stuff on our plates. With a new granola from Helsinki Mills, that promise can be fulfilled already in the morning. And the granola comes in recyclable packaging.

Myllärin (called Helsinki Mills in English) is a Finnish food brand that makes high-quality grain products. Its newest addition to healthy mornings is a granola that is not only packed with nutritious seeds and oatmeal, but also with healthy green stuff like carrot and spinach, not to mention the ultimate flu-fighter: ginger.

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“We are answering to consumers’ demands for wellbeing. Our Hyvän mielen Granola (‘Granola that makes you feel good’) is suitable both as a healthy breakfast option but also as a snack during the day, offering everything you need: fibre, protein, vitamins, healthy fats and least but not last: a delicious taste”, explains Riitta Salenius-Mela, Marketing Director at Helsinki Mills.

And just when you thought all good things in life come with a generous dollop of sugar, think again: Myllärin’s Granola has very little of it.

But it’s not just megatrends on wellbeing that dictates what Myllärin brings to the market. Sustainability issues are very much on the agenda as well. How the food is packaged is just as important as the stuff that’s inside the packaging.

According to Salenius-Mela, an environmentally friendly package is almost a hygiene factor by now.
“Regardless of the product, sustainable packaging is a ‘must have’,” she says.

Functionality is also important: you don’t want your package to tip over, leaving all that delicious granola on the table. Myllärin went for a so-called toy back bag, that can stand on its own. Peltolan Pussi produced the bag with Walki supplying the material.

As the search for suitable packaging begun, an important condition was that the packaging could be recycled as paper in the local collection streams.

“That meant that the majority of the packaging needed to be fibre-based, that is, made out of paper”, says Heikki Lumme, Business Line Manager, Packaging, at Walki.

As with all food packaging, it’s important to safeguard the content from smell and taste from the outside world.
“We opted for a slightly higher barrier in the laminate to make sure that the taste is not tampered with explains Lumme.

The package is resealable to keep the granola as fresh as possible.

There was some experimenting on Walki’s production line to come up with the perfect compromise between functionality and sustainability.
“The new material needed to be compliant with existing lines”, says Lumme.

Eventually the optimal ratio was found. This added a bit to the packaging’s price tag, making the granola slightly more expensive. Then again, granola is considered a little bit of a luxury compared to standard oatmeal, so granola fans are used to forking out an extra dime for a luxurious breakfast. That said, consumers are not yet willing to pay a huge premium for sustainable package, according to Salenius-Mela from Helsinki Mills.
“But we focus on sustainable packaging anyway, because sustainability is a high priority for us at Helsinki Mills. That is why we also opted for a more sustainable printing technique and chose EGP”, she explains.

A good way to start the day.

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