Packaging innovations

The more customised the packaging, the more we consider it an innovation. Which of the following features would you like to add to the packaging of your product? Which measures should we take to differentiate your packaging from the competition?

Protecting your products from the elements

Our core skills are in barrier materials and coatings that help promote the brand and are functional, protective and user-friendly. Our coatings provide outstanding light, moisture, water, oxygen, and aroma protection and they also protect against energy emissions, cold, heat moisture and gases. Whether your product is frozen, chilled, ambient or oven-ready, Walki has a solution to fit your needs.

Brand protection via covert identification

A brand is priceless. Unscrupulous people who copy your brands know this too well. Marking valuables helps to prevent exploitation. This is easily done by adding a covert marker to the packaging material, such as to the plastic coating, ink colour or lacquer. Customers can scan products to check which packaging contains the real thing. We help to protect branded products from theft and counterfeiting through covert identification via taggants. Walki solutions uniquely identify products and enhance brand security.

Good surface properties make products good to touch

The surface is always important, sometimes even crucial. Depending on the need, we can produce shiny printed surfaces that are scratch resistant. Or surfaces with enough friction to enable stacking the goods on top of one another so they do not slip. The surface is important: it’s what comes first. Walki covers them all. Whichever tactile properties your product requires.

Bringing products back to nature

Walki uses renewable materials in conjunction with polymer coatings to achieve an efficient end-use barrier or function. To enable industrial composting, Walki is also providing a new range of biopolymer-coated papers and boards. These will provide both a barrier and performance capability that complies with end-user requirements for renewable material with low environmental impact.

Easy in, easy out! With a variety of surface materials

To ensure easy emptying, Walki offers a variety of solutions for internal packaging surfaces that are suitable even for floury, sticky or oily products. Moreover, sometimes the internal surface of packaging needs to produce a crispy surface for microwave foods, such as pizza and hamburgers. The right internal surface also facilitates package filling. The optimal internal packaging surfaces play an important role in the performance of the packaging. They facilitate package filling and easy emptying of the packaging and can even improve the contents. It is also possible to produce a surface that will help to cook, crisp and brown the packed product when heated in a microwave or oven. Using the right surface counts and helps your product to be served in the best possible way!

Open sesame!Through easy opening

Packaging protects products during transport, but when it is time to use the contents, the wrong packaging may cause a struggle. Ensuring that packaging opens easily and in the right way is one of Walki’s areas of expertise. We use heat-sealing solutions, peelables, tear strips or other innovations to ensure that opening the packaging is a breeze. Packaging must open easily and in the right way.

Stopping germs from spreading

Covering the material with a special polymer coating is an efficient way to stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae and to get surfaces that are water repellent and breathable.
Our polymers are approved for direct contact with foodstuffs and can be used in a variety of situations such as, for food, hygiene or health care products. We even have special solutions for the building industry, where the incorporation of mild natural preservatives into our coatings provides protection from mould growth.

More features by combining

Which of the features are combinable? For all inquiries, contact us. We are certain your ideas will exceed the currently used solutions.

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