Improved customer productivity with certificate from HP

Author: Lena Barner-Rasmussen

Improved customer productivity with certificate from HP

One step in producing latex printed media for advertising or decoration can be skipped thanks to the availability of new printer profiles, specifically developed for printing on Walki®Billboard Pro L, certified by HP.

Advertising is among others a tough business with cut throat competition. But it’s not just art directors and copy writers who are under pressure. There are also other elements in the process that need to be as efficient as possible. One such phase is finding the correct media specific settings for your HP Latex printer type. This can be very time-consuming.

But now that step can be made more efficient for PSP’s using Walki®Billboard Pro L, a new PVC-free material developed for billboards and banners. It has been awarded the “Certified for HP Latex Inks” stamp of approval, verifying that it performs to the strictest standards set out by world-leading developer of personal systems, printers, and 3D-printing solutions HP, also the company who has been driving the change towards latex inks.

“Finding the right profiles for print media is time-consuming and reduces customer productivity. The certification will enable customers to eliminate the trial and error process, giving those who choose our products a head start,” explains Luk Meys, Walki’s Global Category Manager, Imaging at Walki.

Walki®Billboard Pro L is the latest addition to the Walki®Print Media XXL family, where ultra-light, tear-resistant recyclable raw materials are used together with functional polymers to create a material that is completely PVC-free, REACH compliant and 100% recyclable.
“It also weighs less than half as much as traditional PVC products, facilitating transport, storage and handling and hence has a significantly lower carbon footprint,” says Meys.

Walki®Billboard Pro L features a state-of-the-art ink-receptive layer, combining a polymer and a dedicated coating, specifically designed for latex, but also showing excellent performance with UV-inks.

“Latex ink has emerged in recent years as an increasingly popular new technology. This is largely due to its considerable health and environmental benefits”, says Luk Meys.

Water-based latex ink offers an odorless, safer and sustainable alternative to other more conventional inks typically used for signage and displays.

Now all you need to worry about is a catchy slogan for your billboard.

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