sustainable washing for real with sustainable detergent packaging

Author: Lena Barner-Rasmussen

sustainable washing for real with sustainable detergent packaging

What if you could replace petroleum-based oil with an organic product in detergent packaging? Now you can.

Walki has developed Walki®Pack D, a solution developed exclusively for packaging washing powders. It consists of a strong grey cardboard as the base material, a barrier layer for protection from water vapour and a thin, coated paper for printing and finishing.

Alongside Walki®Pack D, Walki has also developed an even more sustainable solution called Walki®Wood Pack D. What makes this packaging special is that instead of petroleum-based polymers, that is usually used in this type of packaging, Walki uses tall oil, a by-product from pulp production.

“We do not want to use edible oil and compete with food production in a world grappling with food scarcity”, explains Stefan Erdmann, Technical Service & Development Manager, Barrier Board at Walki

The tall oil works just in the same way as the petroleum-based alternative. It protects the washing powder from clumping, keeps it dry and free-flowing.

“The laminate construction with the alternative barrier layer is the same or even better as the previous one and can be replaced without having to adapt packaging production of filling lines. It consists of renewable raw materials and is recyclable”, says Erdmann.

Walki®Wood Pack D can be used to package any type of powdery, hygroscopic product such as wallpaper paste or tile adhesive.

Now all you need to do is tackle that pile of laundry.

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