Clean air, silently
and efficiently

Clean air, silently and efficiently

Indoor air is a greater health risk than previously thought. Air filters have been unable to combine sufficient efficiency with low noise levels, but the new DEP technology solves this problem. Walki produces the core material for these new air filters, Walki®Pack DEP.

“More and more research projects are telling us the same thing: indoor air is a health hazard because of particles from traffic, and substances such as textiles. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the life of an average European is shortened by eight months due to high particle levels indoors," says Andrezj Loreth, Head of Development at Cair AB in Sweden, and the inventor of DEP technology.

Disposable Electrostatic Precipitator

DEP is based on a classic electrostatic two-stage filter technology, but instead of capturing particles using metal filters, it uses a conductive cartonboard based material, which Walki exclusively supplies for all air filters using the DEP technology. Loreth is currently working on adapting the technology to HVAC, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, which is an enormous global market.

“The typical problem with creating dust-free air has been creating sufficient air purification
capacity without creating a lot of noise. DEP solves that problem. The technology means a much greater air filtering capacity with less air resistance, giving a silent apparatus and
extremely low energy consumption level. And it doesn't create any ozone, either," adds Loreth.

In Scandinavia, DEP technology has so far mostly been used in public buildings, such
as schools and shopping centres. In the rest of the world, the technology is sold via the
American ergonomics specialists Humanscale, manufacturers of the ZON personal air purifier.

Indoor air filtering – an important issue

“Indoor air filtering is becoming an important issue. The American environment agency, EPA,
names indoor air pollution as one of the biggest threats to public health. Given that Americans
spend 90% of their time indoors, it's a problem that cannot be ignored," says Chris Gibson,
Director of Air Quality Products at Humanscale.

The American distributor of DEP technology, Clean Air Options, is also establishing sales of
industrial-scale air filters in the USA.

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