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Walki strategy is driven by the efforts to improve resource efficiency

Walki’s mission is to contribute to the global resource efficiency efforts by developing energy and material efficient solutions for its customers. Our vision is to be the leading source of innovative, sustainable multi-layer laminates and protective packaging solutions.

Walki differentiates with
• problem solving approach,
• high quality products and services,
• excellent customer experience, and
• multi-plant network for delivery back-up.

We continuously strengthen the basis for our competitiveness by
• creating new customer-focused innovations,
• developing our processes to be more robust and repeatable,
• selling value and solutions, and by
• increasing the efficiency of our supply chain.
We measure our progress toward our vision with our strategic targets:
• In Construction business area, we seek for growth through capacity and R&D investments.
• In Industrial packaging business area, we seek to maintain our position as a preferred supplier, especially with the forest customers.
• In Consumer packaging business area, we focus on capturing growth in the niche segments
• In APAC business area, we work to create a sustainable business model.
In all our actions, we follow Walki-values:
• Integrity; being honest and approachable
• Initiative; making decisions even when they are difficult
• Commitment; keeping our promises.

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