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Walki Group acquires the leading Spanish packaging producer Plasbel (30.04.2021)
Walki offers recyclable underbody shields that are free of glass fibre (08.04.2021)
A new flame-retardant tape for construction membranes from Walki: WALKI® Wall Tight FR B 215 Tape (23.03.2021)
New flexoprinting machine in Jatne will answer to growing demand for sustainable food packaging (17.02.2021)
New innovation ecosystem launched to support market access for bio-based consumer products (28.01.2021)
Walki’s new reel wrapping paper, Walki®Reel Wood, is entirely wood-based (26.01.2021)

Season's Greetings (18.12.2020)
Press release: Walki’s PET-free solution for ovenable trays helps companies comply with EU directives (12.11.2020)
Walki customer magazine Cover Stories 2020 (03.11.2020)
Press release: Walki®Billboard Pro L receives certificate from HP (21.10.2020)
COVID-19 update for Walki’s interest groups (21.08.2020)
Press Release:  Walki®Apron 45 has been certified and is now ready for delivery (23.04.2020)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for Walki’s interest groups (15.04.2020)
Press release: Walki has developed a high-performance protective material for single use hospital aprons (08.04.2020)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for Walki’s interest groups (01.04.2020)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for Walki’s interest groups (24.03.2020)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for Walki’s interest groups (13.03.2020)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for Walki’s interest groups (11.03.2020)
Press release: Walki presents sustainable barrier solutions at Packaging Innovations Birmingham (30.01.2020)
Press Release: Walki licenses Earth Coating technology (07.01.2020)

Press release: Studies confirm that Walki Plastiroll´s Bioska films have fast biodegradability (17.12.2019)
Press release: Appointment in Walki Group (13.12.2019)
Season's Greetings (02.12.2019)
Press Release: WALKI joins the 4evergreen industry alliance to support fibre-based packaging in the circular economy (21.11.2019)
Walki Print Media XXL video (05.11.2019)
Walki Group Oy has completed the acquisition of Mondi Belcoat NV to  strengthen its position in engineered materials (01.10.2019)
Walki upgrades green solutions for the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising sector (29.08.2019)
Welcome to meet us at FachPack 24-26.9.2019! (19.08.2019)
Press release: Walki Group Oy signs agreement to acquire Mondi Belcoat NV (10.07.2019)
Press release: Detergent packaging now even more sustainable (17.06.2019)
Press Release: Walki Group Oy acquires Plastiroll Oy (23.05.2019)
Zero-waste future video (16.04.2019)
A new Walki company to ramp up the production of RFID antennas (16.04.2019)
Press release: Circular Classroom recognized in the  2019 World Changing Ideas Awards (08.04.2019)
Press release: Walki takes a major step towards  a zero-waste future (11.02.2019)
Welcome to see us at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham ! (25.01.2019)
 Press release: New flame-retardant membrane for the construction market (16.01.2019)

Welcome to meet us at BAU in Munich, 14-19.1.2019 (04.12.2018)
Press release: Serious shortage of learning material related to the circular economy (31.10.2018)
Customer magazine cover Stories 2018 ready (04.10.2018)
Welcome to meet us at Fachpack! (06.09.2018)
Appointment in the Group Executive Team (01.08.2018)
Press release: One Equity Partners has completed the acquisition of Walki Group (26.07.2018)
Press release: Walki fights plastic waste with sustainable packaging solutions (20.06.2018)
Press release: Walki invests in future generations: The Circular Classroom CSR-program aims at creating awareness of the circular economy (14.06.2018)
Executive Summary - Sustainability at Walki 2017 (01.06.2018)
Press release: Walki’s upgraded production unit boosts safety and efficiency (27.04.2018)
Press release: CapMan Buyout to sell Walki to One Equity Partners (09.04.2018)
Innovations in packaging in Birmingham (05.02.2018)
Summer jobs 2018 in Finland - Kesätyöpaikat 2018 (22.01.2018)

Cover stories 2017 ready (09.11.2017)
Press release: Walki introduces eco-friendly solutions for Out-of-home advertising sector (06.07.2017)
Press Release: Minimising chemical waste and costs with Walki’s soft foam solution (22.05.2017)
Press release: Walki’s wider biomass cover maximises energy value of logging residues (19.05.2017)
Co-creation project targets improved innovation at Walki in a fast-changing world (16.05.2017)
Press release: Walki develops new biodegradable mulching paper (08.02.2017)
Welcome to Bau exhibition (09.01.2017)
Summer Jobs 2017 (02.01.2017)

New customer magazine available (30.09.2016)
Come see us in Nürnberg (15.09.2016)
Walki victorious at Miller Impression Awards 2016 (13.09.2016)
New production facility in Valkeakoski up and running (30.08.2016)
Walki helps Ecocool with thermo-covering (05.07.2016)
Walki to increase product consistency and efficiency of its extruders at the Pietarsaari plant (24.03.2016)
Welcome to the new Walki web (21.03.2016)
Walki announces Oliver Waddington as new Sales Manager for UK and Ireland (08.03.2016)
Walki and Gerritsen Industrie start cooperation (15.01.2016)

Walki and Mondi to terminate the acquisition agreement (15.12.2015)
Walki participates in Scanpack in Gothenburg, Sweden (07.10.2015)
Walki presence at Fachpack in Nürnberg (17.09.2015)
Sell of Pietarsaari and Wroclaw sites to Mondi moves to around year end (03.09.2015)
Packaging material from Walki protects food from harmful mineral oils (24.08.2015)
New production line in Valkeakoski (12.06.2015)
Walki to sell the major part of its Industrial Packaging business (22.05.2015)
Walki joined the RAIN alliance (12.03.2015)

Walki’s presence at PAP-FOR in St. Petersburg (10.10.2014)
Walki's new wide biomass cover doubles the energy content of logging residue (11.06.2014)

Inauguration of Walki's Wroclaw plant in Poland (12.09.2013)
Walki plans to improve cost competitiveness in its Finnish operations (09.09.2013)
Walki's new technology enables cost-efficient production of large volumes of furniture foil (28.06.2013)
Walki to expand its production platform in Central Europe (25.03.2013)
Walki moves corrugated box production to new site in Kwidzyn, Poland (22.01.2013)

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