Remember the
‘paperless office’?

Remember the ‘paperless office’?

Chances are that paper has been used in your office within the last 24 hours to carry out several important, but very different tasks. Chances are some of these pieces of paper are meant to last beyond our lifetime.

Chances also are that the paper you use in your office has just “appeared". You don’t know where it comes from or who chooses what kind of paper is used. That is okay, as long as you have a convenient and quick way to study the differences in the product inside the ream.

Packaging for office and graphical papers

Walki is the paper manufacturer of all major paper manufacturers. When these businesses look for the best possible material to protect their products and provide guidance to end-users, they turn to Walki. Walki is the leading manufacturer of packaging for office and graphical papers. Our products focus on protection, shorter lead times, and cost-efficiency. In addition, they enable outstanding printing quality and EU Directive compliant recycling.

If you have ever wondered if there is a smarter way to package 50 reams of paper, we have the answer.

Experience in paper converting

Walki is also a well-known supplier of strong mailing materials with over 40 years of experience in paper converting. Our products are manufactured using the best technology available and with respect to environmental sustainability.

Walki®Mail is the small, but very strong family of mailing materials, specially developed for demanding mailing needs. The Mail products are strong and light laminates or PE-coated papers offering excellent runnability on all conventional envelope lines.

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